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Maifa and his open threats
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OPEN THREATS FROM Mafia Leader Sanjay Kumar Jhunjhunwala

I have repeatedly referred that Chuni Lal Mukherjee was the main agent for all of criminal activities committed against me. In fact it was came to my notice that Chuni Lal Mukherjee was intended to open a Gate on my side of the property. As such on 13/02/1985, I served Lawyers Notice by Regd. Post to Chuni Lal Mukherjee against his plan to encroach my property.  


After receipt of my Lawyer's Notice Chuni Lal Mukherjee changed his strategy and lodged a false First Information Report against me as Behala P. S. Case No. 54 dated 19.2.1985, falsely claiming that I have demanded Rs.20,000.00 from him, with clear object to get arrested me under connivance with Police, when I will come to obstruct his plan to encroach my property. But I filed a Civil Suit for Injunctions. However, when I understood that Mr. Sanjay Kumar Jhunjhunwala was behind his all criminal activities, I went at his residence to persuade him from doing all such criminal activities through his men and agents. I find that Chuni Lal Mukherjee was also present there. During the discussions Sanjay Kumar Jhunjhunwala promised that such ypes of activities will not going on in future, and at the same time he admitted that Behala P.S. case was filed against me was a false case and Chuni Lal Mukherjee confirmed this fact by writing a Letter dated 06/02/1986 addressed to the Officer-in-Charge, Behala P.S., with copy to me thereby admitting that First Information Report lodged by him on 19th February 1985 against me was based on untrue information. In fact they realized that through Civil Suit they may be in trouble.


From the history we can learn that devils never forget or forgive his devilishly acts, activities, deeds and conducts. Thereafter Sanjay Kumar Jhunjhunwala on and from 06/02/1986 started friendship with me, with his devilish objects. After newly developed friendship Sanjay Kumar Jhunjhunwala searched and understood that I am alone to look after my workings, as such he set new object to vanish me with the help of my tenants, those were already under the trap of another blackmailer politician Kamlesh Chandra Chattopadhyay. In the month of June 1986 Sanjay Kumar Jhunjhunwala and Chuni Lal Mukherjee secretly met and abetted my tenants to kill me as such on 18th July 1986 a severe attempt to kill me was committed with 44 stabs. But when he understood that even after such severe attempt to kill me I would be survived, he decided to create pshyclosical pressure upon me get created a Letter and get received by Registered Post and after receipt the same forward photocopy of the same to me by his covering letter immediately after my coming home from Hospital. In the said created Letter as if the same was forwarded by the tenants earlier residing at R. S. Plot No. 205 and vacated their tenanted premises after recording submissions before the respective Court to deliver vacate possession in accordance with Execution of Decree passed against them. In the letter I was painted as a dreaded criminal.  At the same time he developed relationship with Shrawan Kumar Bhatter, who booked with me to create pressure upon me for sale of the property.    


When his both the tricks not worked, he created a story based an ghost Advocate that alleged advocate met him and offered that if he can purchase the property the Commissioner of Police Mr. B. K. Basu would remove me from the property. After hearing said story doubts were caused in my mind that Sanjay is behind several blackmailing activities including attempt to murder. In my private enquiry I got the information about his meeting with my tenants and said Mr. Shrawan Kumar Bhatter and his father Shankar lal Bhatter. Therefore I played a game and ask Sanjay Kumar Jhunjhunwala either he should confirm his story based on Advocate in writing otherwise he should stop sending all such stories to me. He was so confidentabout his Nexus with Shri Jyoti Basu and his immunity form any punishment from his criminal activities, that he confirmed his such fake story in writing which tenmtamounts clear threats by misusing the name of the Commissioner of Police.  I sent a letter to Mr. B. K. Basu, which was reported by Mr. Basu to Sanjay Kumar Jhunjhunwala.     


During 1988 Sanjay Kumar Jhunjhunwala said that by making any complaint against him, before Income Tax Department, I can get any relief, since his matter is looking after by Mr. Hiteswar Saikia, Former Assam Chief Minister, since he purchased a Flat from him and paid Rs.30 Lakhs in black money. I sent a Letter to Shri Saikia, which was replied. Both the Letter are referred. But facts remains that some one most powerful politician is looking after his matter relates to transactions based on huge black money. During tenure of Dr. Man Mohan Singh as Finance Minister I sent several letters to him and all authorities but no results, as if Mafia Leader Sanjay Kumar Jhunjhunwala was granted complete immunity for use of his black money. It is pertinent to refer here that Dr. Man Mohan Singh taken a residential accommodation from Shri Hiteswar Saikia.   


When his all tricks even by causing multiple disputes against me from Corporation, from Cooperation Directorates, my Vendors attempt to murder me, failed he decided to embrace each Judicial Officer sitting on my matters, influence each Advocate working on my behalf and trap me in different ways, so I cannot challenge Orders or Judgments they would get after embracement of respective Judicial Officials, influence upon my each Advocate. He with the help of his Solicitors as well the then my Solicitors and my Advocates hatched a concrete program to place me in Jail through a Contempt proceedings. For detail kindly visit the List of Dates from 1990 onwards. With this object they obtained Rule Nisi in Contempt Proceedings by filing a false affidavit of service. Thereafter in connivance with my Solicitors get obtained Order from Paper publication. Once I filed Application Under Section 340 Cr. P.C. in the aforesaid Contempt Proceedings, Sanjay Kumar Jhunjhunwala with the help of his Solicitors started to arrange for the matter out of the List. Resultantly, till date said matter was never come up for hearing.  


Once in the last quarter of 1992 Sanjay Kumar Jhunjhunwala make payment of huge black money to seller of one property at the residence of my Advocate Mr. M. R. Choudhury, and thereafter Mr. Choudhury advised me to compromise with Mr. Jhunjhunwala otherwise he will spoil my life.


In fact one Jai Chand Lal famous gambler near East India Hotel, claiming himself as partner of Shri Chandan Basu threatened me. I forward a Letter to Shri Chandan Basu and others, which was responded by Shri Jyoti Basu through his CA Shri Jai Krishna Ghosh. In the meantime, after demolision of Babri Masjit, severe Bomb materials were exploded, at Bahubazar Street, in which reportedly 300 people were killed. During the investigation this was reported that Jai Chand Lal Sethia was partner of the main accused of the said blast case Rashid Miyan was Kolkata Incharge on behalf of Dawood Ibrahim. As a result, said Jai Chand Lal Sethia along with 37 persons were arrested so Chandan Basu should be trapped as a Member of Chain Connection with Dawood Ibrahim through Jai Chand Lal Sethia and Rashid Miyan. This was well known fact that said Rashid Miyan was a CPI(M) leader.