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Misuse of Administration of Justice
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Forgery of Order Sheet

When after severe attempt to murder with 44 stabs and 82 stitches I was survived, Mr. Sanjay Kumar Jhunjhunwala influenced Shrawan Kumar Bhatter to create pressure upon me for sale of the property to Sanjay Kumar Jhunjhunwala. When I refused to accept his proposal, Shrawan Kumar Bhatter who was not concerned with the matter of the cooperative Society (See Two Circular Letters referred below) since its registration, suddenly became interested in the matter because a Big Promoter Sanjay Kumar Jhunjhunwala jumped in the matter to grab my properties. Thereafter, under instructions from Shri Jyoti Basu, Mrs. Mira Pandey handed over file of the alleged Dispute Case to one of her subordante, who cannot be appointed Arbitrator in this particular matter, to adjudicate the matter without any authority or appointment. As such I challenged his alleged award, by filing Appeal on the basic ground that Mr. N. Goswami was not appointed nor could be appointed as Arbitrator. When West Bengal Cooperative Tribunal called for records of the matter, thereafter they deceided to forge an Order Sheet before forwarding Records to Tribunal. As a result, against general practice to use 1st Page of the Order Sheet being printed in Government Printing Press, the 1st Page was get typed on the Electronic Type Writer. In the said forged Order Sheet, the anme of plaintiff and defendants were written with the hand and pen by Prabhu Dayal Sureka, and name of Mr. N. Goswami was inserted by Mr. M. R. Choudhury, ARCS, who was elevated as Secretary pf the Tribunal when I filed a Criminal Application Under Section 340 of Cr. P.C. This is true that Criminal can use whatever cunningness, but left some clue of his crime. Since the day one I understood that there are some reasons for not showing the file by Mr. N. Goswami. As such I fled application for Entire Order Sheet. When I get it I was surprised that he was not even appointed as Arbitrator. In fact said Certified Copy was return back by me for initial on one correction. As such when Certified copy was re-supplied after initial, I find that Certified copy was re-supplied with noting that “corrected on verification of records”. But once Records were called for, entire Department was stunned and aforesaid Forgery was committed. After committing forgery Dealing Clerk for Certified Copy, since he might have not involved in the crime, ask me for return back of Certified Copy on the plea that since under the Order of Registrar a New Order was inserted in the Order Sheet after re-supply of Certified Copy, as such same is required to be inserted in Certified Copy.I refused to obliged him. Thereafter Memo Letter No. 1602 was sent to me.


Shrawan Kumar Bhatter was not concerned with the matter of the cooperative Society, since he not reacted against Two Circular Letters referred here, since he was concerned with any of activities of the Cooperative Society since its registration, suddenly became interested in the matter and affairs of the Cooperative Society as because Mafia Leader Sanjay Kumar Jhunjhunwala offered him big benefits if he help him to grab my properties. Both the Circular letter were received after signing them.


This is matter of gross misuse of Administration of Justice, that 06-05-1989 Raj Kumar Dhawan filed a Dispute Case against me on the very same day on 06-05-1989 he moved Injunction Application with false plea that I am avoiding service of the Summons. From such false claim it is quite clear that before filing of the dispute case they were aware that they will get Injunction Order, even by making false statement, which means every thing was under arrangement. This evident from the fact that Raj Kumar Dhawan and his son signed Allotment Letters but under after thought they made false claim in their Dispute Case that I have obtained signature from them on some blank papers. I am referring part of the said Allotment Letter signed by Raj Kumar Dhawan with undertaking that through any significant test including forensic tests of the said document proved that signature are made upon blank papers then I should be liable to sent in Jail, otherwise Mr. Raj Kumar Dhawan his son and all Members of his Group should be liable to suffer punishment for making serious false statement to misuse Administration of Justice to support blackmailing activities of Mafia Leader Sanjay Kumar Jhunjhunwala.


Bhakti Bhuasn Mondal

In consideration of the constant blackmailing going on at the Cooperation Directorate I met with Shri Dilip Chakraborty, Ex-M.P. who written a letter to West Bengal Minister for Cooperation Shri Bhakti Bhusan Mondal. Thereafter I met several times with Shri Bhakti Bhusan Mondal at his Raj Bhawan Residence as well as his Writers Building Office. In one of my Memorandum at the left side he remorked for Mr. M.N. Mazumdar, Joint Registrar, WBCS, and ask me to fix a date for joint meeting in his chamber. Accordingly Mr. Mazumdar appeared but possibly warned Shri Bhakti Bhusan Mondal not to enterfere in the matter, since matter is personally relates to Shri Jyoti Basu, as a result said meeting was postponed before starting. But most surprising and absurd fact was that thereafter Shri Bhakti Bhusan Mondal refused to recognise me or Shri Dilip Chakraborty, Ex-M.P. Considering his such ill mental conditions I advised him in writing to resign from the Office of Minister in the larger interests of the people from the State. My letter was irritated him and resultantly, he sent a Memo to Chief Secretary to remove Mrs. Mira Pandey immediately from his Department. Possibly Mira Pandey approached Shri Jyoti Basu, she was committing all criminal activities against me under instructions from Shri Jyoti Basu. Shri Jyoti Basu might have threatened him, and result was contradictory statement from Shri Bhakti Bhusan Mondal, as published in the Newspaper. The criminal agreement between Shri Jyoti Basu, Mrs. Mira Pandey and Mafia Leader Sanjay Kumar Jhunjhunwala was so strong that Shri Jyoti Basu granted gratification by allotting a property from Chief Minister’s Quota without any application just at the verge of Retirement to Mr. A. K. Bhattacharyya, WBHJS, the then Member of West Bengal Cooperative Tribunal with a clear understanding that he will dismiss all cases filed by me and pending before the Tribunal. Resultantly, he in presence of me and my Advocate recorded a false order that we were not present in the Court assuming that we are not interested for further proceedings of the Matter. The Case was against forgery of Order Sheet committed by Mr. M. R. Choudhury, Mr. Prabhu Dayal sureka under instructions from Mrs. Ira Pandey, the then Registrar.